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Edit your photos with rich tools and effects
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12 August 2010

Editor's review

This software is a photo editor that lets you create professional quality photos.

G.Express Photo Editor has a range of functionalities that let you enhance basic photo quality as also do other enhancements, retouching etc. It would let you add effects too. The retouching functionalities include photo warping, localized changes with photo lighting, skin touch ups etc. Besides, you could use stylized texts, frames, and a range of photo filters. This lets even a beginner to create some interesting effects with photographs. The editor works through a set of brushes for each category of effects. For example, the photo lighting brushes provide increase of brightness in the target photo just by moving the brush around the area you want to change. There are several effects that can be applied such as spotlight effect, point light effect, magic flare effects etc. Things that you can do are in two categories. One is the basic set of corrections such as making changes with the brightness, contrast etc. The other is to add effects that were not there to start with.

Photo warping, for example, can help change shape of elements in the photo. Then there are some filters that change the complete photo in some ways. Additional things that can be done is to add frames to the photos and add text elements etc. The undo/redo provided gives you a safety valve. You can always come back, if you make mistakes. This is not a replacement of Photoshop or similar programs but a tool to do quick edits and apply some fun effects. To that purpose it does quite well!

Publisher's description

G.Express Photo Editor is a fantastic photo editor that includes variety of photo editing functions and effects such as photo retouching, photo warping, photo lighting, stylized texts, frames, and artistic photo filters.
G.Express Photo Editor
G.Express Photo Editor
Version V1.2
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